岡山縣 湯原溫泉 八景 (HAKKEI) 上塩浩子女将

"Let us make your trip to Hakkei warm and memorable experience."


關於我:(*English below)





What is HAKKEI?

What is OKAMI?


As a landlady: from 1997
Hometown: Osaka
Before becoming a landlady: full-time housewife
Things that keep in mind: stay true to myself at any time

About me:
My first overseas trip was visiting Hong Kong with my parents when I was 10. Since then, 47 years has passed, and I have visit Hong Kong for more than 60 times. There is so many delicious cuisines in Hong Kong like dim sum, afternoon tea, seafood and hot pot. Also, I love to go shopping in Hong Kong. It is a place that never disappoint me so I love Hong Kong very much. My parents often stayed at the Peninsula Hotel. There were friendly staffs and an elegant environment where even children can feel treated and comfortable. For me, it is a place full of memories, and everything I felt at the hotel was very helpful to my current job. In addition, I have long admired wearing like a high-sense madam since I was a child, and I think I must have learned the sense from Hong Kong Madame that I met at Peninsula Hotel and landmarks in Hong Kong.

I met Mr. Chua Lam(蔡瀾) when I first became the landlady. He told me that the dishes from Hakkei were delicious. It was a great encouragement for me and even attracted some of the current guests who are from Hong Kong. If I think of myself as an Asian before as a Japanese, then all of you from Hong Kong are also Asians. As we are both Asians, I would like to welcome you with the feeling of “welcome back!”

About the ryokan (traditional Japanese inn):

Name of the ryokan: Hakkei(八景)
Features of the ryokan:The most distinctive feature is our cuisine (山里料理), which cooks with broth that boiled in the morning and over 50 different vegetables. In addition, in the hot spring area, directly opposite the mountains, there is an 800-year-old mixed open air hot spring, “SUNAYU”. The first visitors will be surprised by the beautiful scenery. We will treat every one of our guests with a friendly and cordial attitude.
Recommended schedule of staying: Most of the guests in Hong Kong use rental cars, so it is recommended to stay for two nights.
Guests staying for 1 night can spend their time at Hiruzen plateau(蒜山高原) and Katsuyama(勝山) in Maniwa City(真庭市), where HAKKEI located. You can also enjoy the hot springs at HAKKEI.
For guests staying for 2 nights, it is recommended to visit the San’in Region in the second day. Tottori Sand Dunes, Izumo-Taisha, Adachi Museum of Art, Mt Daisen are worth visiting. In winter, skiing or snowboarding is also recommended.
In the Setouchi area, we recommend Bizen-yaki no Sato(備前焼の里), Japan’s the biggest snacks store(日本一の駄菓子屋さん), strawberry picking, Kojima and Kurashiki. We can make suggestions according to your preference, such as recommending lunch places, for different places to visit.
Words to the guests: Hakkei is an inn of “Welcome back”. I would like to greet you as if you are visiting a Japanese friend no matter where you come from.
We can provide special meals for people with religious beliefs, food allergies, vegetarianism, and vegans.
Let us make your trip to Hakkei a warm and memorable experience.